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Tokio Hotel’s Latin America Shows Confirmed!!

Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel Oct 20, 2010

Tokio Hotel’s Latin America Shows Confirmed!!

Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg have confirmed their very first Latin America concert run! The guys will play a total of five LIVE shows, starting on November 23th, 2010 in Brazil. The big finale will take place at „Sports Palace“ in Mexico City, on December 2nd, 2010. Tokio Hotel are excited to take their Latin American fans on a journey to „HUMANOID CITY“. These are the dates where you can enjoy the fantastic LIVE show:

Tuesday, November 23, SAO PAULO [BRAZIL] – Location: Via Funchal | >TICKETS
Thursday, November 25,  LIMA [PERU] – Location: Jockey Club Del Peru | >TICKETS
Sunday, November 28, SANTIAGO [CHILE] – Location: Espacio Riesco | >TICKETS
Tuesday, November 30, MONTERREY [MEXICO] – Location: Arena Monterrey | >TICKETS
Thursday, December 02, MEXICO CITY [MEXICO] – Location: Sports Palace | >TICKETS

Watch Out!

Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel Aug 03, 2010

Brand new video clip coming up on Tokio Hotel’s YouTube channel tomorrow (Wednesday, Aug. 4)...stay tuned ;-)

New Video: Humanoid City LIVE EPK

Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel Jul 23, 2010

Bill & Tom talk exclusively about their huge WELCOME TO HUMANOID CITY Tour and the brand new LIVE DVD / Album! Check out the EPK on Enjoy!
> CLICK HERE to Get the LIVE DVD / Album Combo at
> CLICK HERE to Download the LIVE Album on iTunes


Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel Jul 20, 2010

Tokio Hotel's wicked LIVE DVD & Allbum Combo is out now in the US!!! Pick up a copy at your local store or order online to get the full Tokio Hotel blockbuster experience of their mind blasting WELCOME TO HUMANOID CITY show from Milan, Italy.  Order LIVE DVD & Album combo at and Barnes & Noble.  You can also download the digital LIVE album at the following stores, iTunes and Shockhound (unbeatable $6.99 for a limited time only!! Promotion ends July 22 @10am PST)


Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel Jun 25, 2010

Featured on Home Page in the Daily Fresh & Buzzworthy Blog.  CLICK HERE to check it out. 

Support Tokio Hotel & Vote now!

Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel Jun 25, 2010

SPIN Magazine, a huge music mag in the US is celebrating its 25th anniversary and they’ve asked their readers to submit votes for their favorites (results will be printed in an upcoming issue of SPIN).
Thanks to you guys, Tokio Hotel will probably appear in that issue! Here is what you have done so far:
1. Best Band - 3rd place
2. Best Album - Humanoid, 4th place
3. Best Live Act - 3rd place
4. Hottest Sex God - Bill Kaulitz, 3rd place
Earlier this year, SPIN named Tokio Hotel fans as "Honorary Fans of the Year for 2009" and now you can show them again the full Tokio Hotel fan power!
Rock the Vote by CLICKING HERE!

World Video Premiere: Darkside of the Sun!!!

Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel Jun 24, 2010

Head over to Tokio Hotel’s homepage to check out the brand new LIVE video of DARKSIDE OF THE SUN! Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg are super excited to share this very special video with you guys which was recorded during huge WELCOME TO HUMANOID CITY Tour in 2010. Join the Tokio Hotel fever on!!

WIN BIG- Tokio Hotel Banner Contest!!!!

Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel Jun 24, 2010

Since Tokio Hotel’s upcoming release of their brand new LIVE DVD & LIVE album is just around the corner, we need all your fan-power. Help Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg by spreading the word about this wicked release with some exclusive fan banners!
Of course, there are also some fantastic prizes waiting for YOU! The grand prize is one of the snake-boards Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg used in their backstage area during their huge WELCOME TO HUMANOID CITY Tour. Exclusively for the winner of this cool prize, the guys will record a special, personalized video showing their snake-board skills and will also sign it in front of the camera. Prize 2 & 3 will be a wicked "Tokio Hotel – Burning City" Sweater . Check out the contest by CLICKING HERE and WIN BIG!!!

It's official: Tokio Hotel's upcoming LIVE DVD will be shot in Milan!!!

Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel Apr 06, 2010

Do you want to become a part of Tokio Hotel history? Well, here is an absolutely unique chance for YOU since Tokio Hotel will be recording the concert in Milan on April 12th for their upcoming LIVE DVD. You as the audience are the fifth band member and and we want you to make the walls shake at Mediolanum Forum...turn this night in the craziest one Milan has EVER seen. Are you ready to rock? Okay, then get your tickets HERE now and be part of this really special event. This concert will definitely be a highlight for Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg during their huge "Welcome to HUMANOID City" tour through Europe.

Support Tokio Hotel - Your Vote Counts!

Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel Apr 01, 2010

Support Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg at MTV News' "Musical March Madness". The guys already made it into the quarter final and are facing "Owl City" who are leading this tough challenge at the moment. Now we need YOUR support - rock your keyboard and get Tokio Hotel into the semi final. Cast your vote HERE!!!

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    Tokio Hotel have recorded some special messages for their UK fans.
    Check them out below, or on the guys new Official UK Site!

    Tom's Message

    Gustav's Message

    Bill's Message

    Remember to visit the new Tokio HotelUK Forum ...but before you rush over there and chat about all things Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg - check out Georg's forum welcome message by clicking here!
    Number One singles, platinum albums and regular sold-out gigs to audiences of over 60,000...
    Tokio Hotel already have their home country at their feet, and it won’t be long before the rest of the planet falls under the band’s enigmatic spell: this is a new approach to rock for a new generation, with a unique outsider spirit and tunes that demand attention.
    For those who are newly initiated into the Tokio Hotel community here’s a bite size review of the band’s history so far :

    TOKIO HOTEL are Bill Kaulitz (vocals) & Tom Kaulitz (guitar), Georg Listing (bass) and Gustav Schafer (drums), and their story reads like the script for a blockbuster movie… They are quite simply the biggest stars of the past 20 years in their native East Germany and having begun in Germany ‘Tokio Fever’ is now an international epidemic…

    Since signing with Universal in May 2005, TH have sold almost three million records & DVDs in Germany alone. With countless German awards and platinum awards for sales in Austria & Switzerland. Their albums have both topped the charts spawning four No.1 singles. Meanwhile, the first leg of the European stadium tour in 2006 saw the band playing in front of thousands of new fans, all going mad, all of the time. Something witnessed by the ‘Schrei-Live’ DVD which has now sold tens of thousands of copies.

    In the UK the band are just starting their assault. Their debut single Ready Set Go was released in August and the official UK release of their album ‘Scream’ in January 2008.

    In the meantime you can order the international import of the album by clicking here.

    Get on board now – it’s gonna be a scream...


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    Bill Kaulitz - vocals
    Tom Kaulitz - guitar
    Georg Listing - bass guitar
    Gustav Schäfer - drums
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